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Perceived custody roles have always been changing

In recent decades, there has been a bit of a shift away from always giving custody to mothers, as courts have decided that mothers and fathers should both be involved in the lives of their children. This has led to many joint custody cases where children move back and forth from one home to the next.

When looking at this shift, it's interesting to put it into a historical perspective, looking at the way that custody roles have been viewed over time and the impact this has had on culture.

Can your ex ask for custody in a different state?

Are you worried that your spouse may take your child to a different state when you get divorced? Are you concerned that he or she may then ask the courts in that state to rule on custody of the child, potentially making it so that you lose the right to see that child?

If so, you typically do not need to worry. Under the Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act, the courts in a child's home state have to make the ruling in the vast majority of cases. California and 47 other states use the Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act; only Vermont and Massachusetts do not.

Would you ever want to co-own your house with your ex?

Typical advice when you're getting divorced in California is that you should get both of your names off of the mortgage. You're probably either going to sell the house and split the money, refinance it on your own, or have your ex-refinance it. In many cases, this is the proper route, but is there a situation in which you'd want to stay on the mortgage with your ex?

There is one, and it isn't for everyone. If you have children and you'd like to keep living in the house with them, but you know your credit won't get you the mortgage on your own, you may want to keep your ex on the loan. This way, even if you're paying it, you still get the loan you were approved for when you applied together. Basically, you're using your ex's credit to help.

Former Hinder singer files for divorce in California

Austin Winkler, formerly the frontman and lead singer for a band called Hinder, has decided to file for divorce from his wife. The two had been together for around seven years, but he put in the divorce filing at the very end of December, right before the new year began.

Reports show that the filing was done at the Los Angeles Superior Court on Dec. 30.

Mental illness makes it more likely that you'll lose custody

It's been found that parents who have some sort of mental illness are simply more likely to have their rights to child custody taken away from them than those who do not have any mental illness. For those who suffer from a disorder—even if it is under control and they take the proper medications every single day—this can be a very big factor in divorce cases and the like.

Factors that are considered when a judge is deciding how to rule in a case could include the following:

Phone apps can reduce conflict over child support

Conflicts over money are common after divorce in California, especially when it comes to child support. One of the issues that one woman noticed was that the little costs of everyday life are usually not part of the agreement, even though they can add up. For example, children who play sports may need to pay for jerseys, equipment, facility use and more. As parents know, there are many unpredictable costs that go along with raising a child.

However, when one parent calls the other up and asks for help with these costs, there are often feelings of resentment and even suspicion. Are the costs real? Is the money being used as reported? Plus, parents may not feel like dealing with each other every time there is a small cost.

Make the holiday season all about your children

When trying to divide custody with your spouse during the holiday season, there's one crucial thing you must keep in mind: The season has to be all about your children. Your focus must be on finding a plan that makes them happy and allows them to enjoy this season of joy and festivity.

Parents sometimes choose simple plans that switch every other year. If it's a year ending in an odd number, for example, you may get the kids on Thanksgiving and your spouse may get them on Christmas. That would apply this year, in 2015. In an even numbered year, like 2016, you may get your children on Christmas and they can stay with your spouse for Thanksgiving.

Child support can be paid at 7-Eleven

In California, child support laws are being tweaked to make the payment process easy and convenient for parents. The thought behind these changes is that parents will be more likely to pay if it's really easy to do it, which could mean more payments are actually made, even with less involvement from the government.

One of the biggest changes is that parents are now able to make their payments when they go to 7-Eleven.

Can Facebook cause a divorce?

Facebook may be your go-to way to connect with people, but a study shows that it could also be a huge hindrance on your relationship, perhaps even leading to divorce.

The study was carried out by researchers from the University of Missouri School of Journalism, St. Mary's University in San Antonio, and the University of Hawaii at Hilo. They talked with 205 individuals who were over 18 and under 83 years old, and a full 79 percent of them were currently in relationships of one type or another.

Will antidepressants cause you to lose a custody case?

When going through a child custody case in California, the court will carefully examine both parents to see if their lifestyles, living situations, financial means and other factors can provide a safe and comfortable place for a child. As a result, some people think that revealing that they are on antidepressants will be looked at in a negative light, causing them to lose the case. Is this actually true?

According to some experts, not only is this untrue, but it can be completely the opposite. Showing that you are on the medication demonstrates that you are responsible and willing to do what it takes to maintain good health—something that the court will assume translates to how you care for your child.

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