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Latino celebrities engaged in very public child support dispute

It sounds like a story ripped right out of a Mexican telanovela. Latin heartthrob crooner, Luis Miguel's ex-girlfriend is publicly accusing him of using his wealth and fame to thwart her attempts to increase her monthly child support payments from $15,000 to at least $60,000. Aracely Arambula says that Miguel has been purposely avoiding her and her process servers in an attempt to avoid legal proceedings.

Arambula is a celebrity in her own right. She is a popular actress in Mexican soap operas. She says that Miguel makes millions in concert appearances and because of his wealth he should pay her more than just $15,000. According to court documents she filed, Miguel avoided a process server at a county fair last year in California. She also alleges that Miguel has used his bodyguards on several occasions to avoid the process of being served.

Allegations abound in high-profile divorce

During divorce discovery, some intimate details about a couple’s life may at first seem irrelevant but could nonetheless be important to the case. Otherwise private information that spouses know (or purport to know) about one another may be important as a means of ensuring fair distribution of assets and debt.

Unfortunately, high-profile divorces sometimes involve the “airing of dirty laundry” as these intimate details make their way into the press. A good example of this is a strong allegation made in the divorce case of Hamdi Ulukaya, the CEO and founder of the Greek yogurt company Chobani.

How to approach frustrating arguments with your co-parent

When two adults opt to parent their mutual children from different households, communication issues are bound to arise at one point or another. Whether you generally get along with your co-parent or you frankly cannot stand your co-parent, chances are good that you and your former partner argue either occasionally or frequently.

When arguments arise regarding child custody, child support or parenting matters, it can be easy to start playing the blame game. After all, if you can rationally or irrationally pin the blame for the situation at hand on your co-parent, he or she will have to come around to your view of things, right? If only communication between co-parents was this easy.

Can my spouse subpoena (order to produce documents/evidence) my Facebook activity?

Probably not. According to Facebook's website, it states that Federal law prohibits Facebook from disclosing user content (such as messages, timeline posts, photos, etc.) in response to a civil subpoena. Facebook cites the Stored Communications Act, 18 U.S.C. § 2701 et seq., as legal authority that prohibits Facebook from disclosing the contents of an account to any non-governmental entity, which includes your spouse or spouse's attorney, pursuant to a subpoena or court order. Please keep in mind that different laws apply if the subpoena is related to a criminal matter.

Same-sex couples may be thinking more about prenuptial agreements

The issue of gay marriage has been in the news a lot lately. As a growing number states wrestle with legalizing same-sex marriage, court rulings in more conservative states are striking down gay-marriage bans as unconstitutional. Here in California, the legal status of gay marriage seems mostly settled following a ruling by the U.S. Supreme Court last summer.

Now that same-sex marriage is becoming not only possible but somewhat common, it is important to consider other family law issues as they apply to same-sex couples. Among these are issues like divorce, child custody and prenuptial agreements.

Challenging the assumptions against prenuptial agreements

Research in the field of psychology has revealed a common trait among humans that significantly influences the decisions we make. This trait is called the “optimism bias.” In short, the optimism bias may cause us to believe that we are more likely than others to experience success or a positive outcome and less likely than others to suffer failure or a negative outcome.

This phenomenon causes some smokers to believe that they won’t get lung cancer. It also convinces some individuals that they’re almost certain to win the lottery. And even with the U.S. divorce rate as high as it is, the optimism bias might make newlyweds absolutely certain that their marriage will last for life.

Why no-fault divorce is such an important option for couples

In the late 1960s, California became the first state in the nation to adopt “no-fault” divorce laws. Couples filing for divorce no longer had to assert that one spouse violated the marital contract in some way (through infidelity, for example). No-fault divorce has made the process less contentious in many cases, because couples do not have to blame one another in a divorce petition.

Since California started the trend, all 50 states have adopted some form of no-fault divorce option. But according to recent news articles, a legislator in one state has introduced a bill that seemingly seeks to end the no-fault option for couples seeking divorce.

What can I do if my spouse has stopped paying the court ordered support?

A party who is obligated to pay child support or spousal support under a court order is required to continue to pay until the court changes or terminates that obligation. If a party is not paying support, the court can use its contempt powers to punish the party who is not paying the support and to order that the arrearage (past due support) be paid.

Jon Gosselin may sue ex for custody of children

Couples getting divorced face many difficult decisions, especially if they have children. Child custody disputes can be complicated for many reasons, even after the divorce has been finalized. 

An example of how child custody disputes can continue long after the divorce can be seen in the well-known reality couple Jon and Kate Gosselin, stars of "Jon and Kate Plus Eight," which is no longer on air. The couple's decision to split up was a hot topic in the past. More recently, Kate's parenting has come into question over reports of their children being afraid of her. 

3 Tips for Child Custody Recommending Counseling Appointments

1. Have a Plan: It is very important that you have an idea of the child sharing plan that you would like to propose as being in the best interests of your child. Oftentimes, expressing that you want "50/50" time with your child is inadequate and not advisable. Have a concrete and practical plan (including days, times, and location of custodial exchanges) to give your Child Custody Recommending Counselor something from which he/she can fashion a plan for you and the other parent.

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