Shane C. Nielson

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Shane Nielson
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Shane Nielson proudly joins FLG, Inc. as an Managing Attorney. He has long held a passion for family law and brings over 15 years of experience in the field, including 8 years as a paralegal with Family Law Group. He also spent 4 years with the Sacramento County Department of Child Support Services and 4 years working as a Supervising Family Support Officer for the Solano County Department of Child Support Services.

He graduated Cum Laude from California School of Law where he received numerous awards.

A father of three, Shane understands the importance of bringing a balanced approach to his work as a family law attorney. He has served as a member of the school board for over 10 years and has experience as a Real Estate Broker. As such, Shane appreciates the complexity of family, property, finances and divorce.

He is also experienced at assisting people in enforcing their court orders. He is well versed in the process of preparing filing and serving the documents necessary to withhold wages, place liens on property as well as pursuing contempt charges when warranted.

Shane is adept at both negotiation and litigation. He respects the importance of reaching agreements but is fully prepared to advocate for his client's positions in court. He has a great deal of experience negotiating to try to settle his client’s matters and the skills to fight for his client’s rights when it is necessary.

If you are looking for an advocate; someone who will help you through the difficult maze of the family law court system; someone who will help you settle your matter when appropriate or fight for you when required, Shane has the experience, knowledge and skills that you are looking for.

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