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Planning may make divorce process easier

Getting divorced can quickly become a complex process in the Bay Area.  However, a little planning can go a long way in making the divorce process easier. Here are a couple of tips for making a divorce proceeding easier.

First, it would behoove individuals who plan to get divorced to begin setting aside emergency funds as soon as possible. Even a relatively small fund of $500, for example, can help a person who is getting a divorce to feel as though he or she has something that belongs to him or her alone. Having an emergency fund makes it easier for a divorcing individual to start breaking away from the marriage from a financial point of view.

Financial expert may prove helpful during divorce process

One of the most complicated aspects of a marital breakup is sorting out the finances. This is especially true for couples with high-value assets or large numbers of assets to divide during the divorce process. However, enlisting the help of a financial expert may help with making this process easier in the Bay Area.

A financial planner or advisor may help with decreasing divorce expenses, saving time and reducing anxiety during the divorce process. This is possible in that these experts are adept at helping divorcing parties to investigate their monetary issues. For instance, they can help financial modeling as well as budgeting following the divorce. In addition, they can offer expertise in the area of retirement and tax planning.

Parents dealing with child custody can make life easier for kids

The divorce process can leave both parents and their children feeling lost from an emotional standpoint. Should they feel angry, disappointed, fearful or all of the above? Children might particularly be worried about how a child custody decision will affect them and their parents' relationships with them going forward. Fortunately, a couple of tips may help parents to ease their children's minds during a Bay Area divorce proceeding.

For starters, parents might want to schedule therapy sessions for their children during the divorce process. The reason for this is that opening up to a professional can help the children to express and process their emotions in a healthy way and in a safe environment. School counselors can also be helpful resources for children whose parents are going through divorce during the school year.

Tips might make the divorce process less stressful

Calling it quits in a marriage is never an easy process, financially or emotionally. For this reason, the divorce process can quickly spark anxiety. Fortunately, taking steps as soon as possible in the divorce process may help to make this major life event a lot less stressful in the Bay Area.

First off, people who have decided to get divorced may benefit from hiring therapists or divorce coaches to walk them through the process. These individuals can help them to cope with the process emotionally so that they can effectively make important decisions during the divorce proceeding, such as those involving child custody and asset division. For instance, these professionals may help them to make decisions regarding physical and legal custody, as well as decisions about keeping real estate assets versus cash assets.

Preparation can keep divorce from ruining retirement

Ending a marriage can unfortunately deal a blow to people's retirement plans. Still, a solid understanding of their finances may help them to more easily and quickly bounce back after the divorce has been finalized. Here is a glimpse at some steps that may help them to retire with confidence in the Bay Area.

For starters, people who are going through divorce would be wise to recalculate their budgets. The reason for this is that their household earnings after the divorce will probably be very different from their incomes before getting divorced. New budgets can give them an accurate picture of how much they can spend and save so that they do not make gross miscalculations.

Postnuptial agreement may provide protection in a divorce

Two married individuals in the Bay Area may now be questioning their decision not to create a prenuptial agreement before getting married. Fortunately, they can still put together a postnuptial agreement, which can help them to protect their assets in the event that they get a divorce down the road. Here is a look at a couple of situations where developing a postnuptial agreement would be wise.

First, it may behoove married individuals to create a postnuptial agreement if one suddenly becomes wealthy in the course of their marriage. The spouse's sudden wealth may have come from a successful business venture or book deal, for example. Drafting a postnuptial agreement might be wise because this person may prefer to give up 50% of only $2 million now versus 30% of $20 million down the line.

Tips may help with dealing with emotional aspect of divorce

Feeling emotional is natural during the process of getting divorced in the Bay Area. However, it is possible for people who are going through divorce to remain in control of their emotions during this process. Here are some tips for finding balance amid the emotional ups and downs of divorce.  

First, it may be helpful for people who are getting divorced to shift their focus from their spouses to themselves. Rather than concentrating on how their future exes may have messed up, they may want to reflect on their own mistakes and how they can learn from them. Only then can they more easily move forward emotionally from the marital breakup.

Preparation may help with divorce asset division

Getting divorced can understandably be stressful from a financial perspective. This is particularly the case when two divorcing individuals have a large number of assets that must be divided. Here are some tips for navigating the financial aspect of divorce in the Bay Area.

First, it is critical that individuals who are getting divorced understand their finances. For instance, they should ideally understand their cash flow as far as their income and expenses are concerned. This can be helpful for reviewing, categorizing and prioritizing expenses before determining how one's finances will look in various settlement situations.

Restarting planning for retirement is a wise move after divorce

One of the most challenging parts of the dissolution of a marriage is dealing with the financial aftermath of it. Specifically, figuring out how to tackle retirement planning post divorce can seem overwhelming. Here are some pointers for taking a fresh approach to retirement planning following the divorce process in the Bay Area.

First off, individuals who are getting divorced would be wise to closely examine their monthly spending habits compared with their earnings. Then, they can start to prioritize their needs and consider shedding some of their wants. Doing this may help them to more easily save for their golden years and thus avoid missing a beat when it comes to having enough money for retirement.

January ranks high for getting a divorce

The beginning of 2020 may signify the ending of a marital union for many couples in the Bay Area. The reason for this is that research shows that January happens to be the most common month for getting a divorce. Here are a couple of reasons why January is such a popular divorce month.

First, as people start the new year, they may be interested in experiencing fresh starts on a romantic level, which means ending their marriages and embracing new romantic relationships. Getting divorced is a sure way for people to change their lives if they are not happy with their current circumstances. Fortunately, if both parties are on board with getting divorced, this may make the process even faster and more amicable.

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