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Study says costly weddings lead to divorces

Money can't buy happiness. Money also can't buy a lasting marriage. That's the official word from researchers, at least.

According to a recent study by a number of economists, the costly trappings of a wedding, including an expensive engagement ring, are no barrier to a divorce. In fact, the couples who spend the most are most likely to see their marriages falter fast.

Is your ex refusing to follow the visitation order? Do this

What do you do when your ex isn't following the court-ordered custody schedule for your children?

This is the sort of post-divorce event that nearly every parent dreads. Yet, most parents fail to have a response plan in mind if it does happen. Don't make that mistake. The faster you react to an issue with your visitation, the more clearly you'll convey the boundaries of your post-divorce existence with your ex.

Britney Spears asked to pay $60,000 per month in child support

Celebrities often go through the same sort of struggles that ordinary people do -- just more publicly and on a larger scale. There are elements of their lives, however, that often help illustrate some valuable lessons.

One of those lessons is what it means to pay enough support so that you maintain a child's existing standards of living whenever possible.

Issues for couples during a same-sex divorce

As of 2015, same-sex marriages have been legal everywhere in the nation.

That's great news. Unfortunately, however, not every marriage gets a happy ending. For same-sex couples that do divorce, the complicated history of same-sex marriages in the United States has a lasting legacy that can make divorce just as troublesome.

How to protect your child at school when there's a custody issue

What are your rights at school when there's a custody dispute going on?

You may be afraid of any number of things, but the idea that your child's other parent might try to abduct your child may never be far from your mind. Parental abductions are an unfortunate reality when parents have trouble adjusting to the limitations courts sometimes set on their custody and visitation.

How does a therapist help if you're thinking about divorce?

A lot of people eventually get a therapist if they're thinking about divorce...but they may not get exactly what they're looking for when they do.

If you're looking for a therapist to tell you if you should give your marriage another shot or get a divorce, you'll likely be disappointed. Most therapists say that's generally inappropriate to do except in situations where physical abuse is occurring.

Watch for these reactions from your children during a divorce

Divorce is a family affair -- it affects everyone, including your children.

There's bound to be some fear, grief and even anger on their part -- so how do you know if they're handling things in a healthy manner or not? There are a number of signs that your kids are having trouble coping.

Actress pays husband's child support to keep him out of jail

Actress Tori Spelling, the famous daughter of TV legend Aaron Spelling, has been beset by financial problems for years due to a combination of a lavish lifestyle, a chronically unemployed spouse, five young children under the age of 11 and a variety of failed projects. Now, she can apparently add child support payments on behalf of her husband, actor Josh McDermott.

McDermott has been in serious danger of being jailed for not paying child support to his ex-wife for their 19-year-old. Recently, the checks from McDermott that were meant to cover his teenage son's rent and other college expenses started bouncing. When McDermott's ex-wife threatened to take the matter back to court, Spelling stepped forward and offered to pay the support in order to keep her spouse out of trouble.

Resolving property division when you can't trust your ex

By the time two people are going through a divorce, there can be quite a bit of animosity and contention involved. In these difficult situations, it can also be all but impossible for parties to trust each other.

This lack of trust can complicate matters because it often requires both people to put in some added effort to ensure their resolutions are fair and based on accurate information. For instance, if you don't trust your ex, then you might consider the following tips for pursuing a fair division of assets.

How can you prevent an international child abduction?

International child abductions happen for a very simple reason.

Foreign courts can be very favorable to the estranged spouses of U.S. residents when there's a child involved. If a child's parents can remove the child from the United States and get the court of his or her home nation to assert authority over the case, they can often win custody.

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