Phone apps can reduce conflict over child support

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Conflicts over money are common after divorce in California, especially when it comes to child support. One of the issues that one woman noticed was that the little costs of everyday life are usually not part of the agreement, even though they can add up. For example, children who play sports may need to pay for jerseys, equipment, facility use and more. As parents know, there are many unpredictable costs that go along with raising a child.

However, when one parent calls the other up and asks for help with these costs, there are often feelings of resentment and even suspicion. Are the costs real? Is the money being used as reported? Plus, parents may not feel like dealing with each other every time there is a small cost.

A woman who noticed all these issues decided to create a phone app to fix it. The app lets parents exchange money—even small amounts—quickly and easily. Payments can be made and accepted with it, and there is even a way to request a payment. This reduces the chances of conflict and makes it easier for both parents to contribute equally.

On top of that, the app lets parents send receipts back and forth. This can eliminate suspicion and ensure that the money that is paid is really for an expense that exists. The proof helps parents get along and can also make them more likely to feel good about helping out, knowing what it really costs to give a child a good life.

Parents on both sides of a divorce need to know their rights when it comes to child support, especially when conflicts arise.

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