4 signs that say a marriage is on life-support

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Every marriage has its ups and downs — but if your marriage seems like it has been on the “down” side of things for a long while, is it time to get an attorney?

According to divorce attorneys, here are the signs that a marriage is terminal — not merely troubled.

1. The couple has lost common ground.

If a couple used to have common interests but those have faded, and they no longer see much point to spending time with each other — that’s a really bad sign. A lot of “grey” divorces start out this way because the couple realizes that they stopped having anything in common except the house and kids long before.

2. They lie about money.

No matter how the family finances are ordered or managed, if one or both partners is lying about their spending or money habits, that signals a lack of trust in the marriage. It also means that the couple can’t really work toward common financial goals.

3. The sex is pretty much over.

If the couple has a tepid sex life at best, if one member of the couple is only participating out of a sense of obligation or the couple has stopped having sex altogether, there is a loss of more than just physical intimacy — there’s a loss of emotional intimacy as well. It usually means the couple is too guarded with each other to engage in sex in an open way.

4. They fight all the time or not at all.

Constant screaming, open contempt and name calling is a bad sign. However, the silent treatment is just as awful. Perhaps even worse, some couples will just say anything to avoid a fight — which means they aren’t living in a relationship with any real strength at all.

If you’ve come to the realization that your marriage simply isn’t going to last, it’s time to talk to a divorce attorney. Our firm has attorneys who are experienced in that area of the law and may be able to help you as you move forward.


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