How mediation can help divorcing couples

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Divorce mediation is a process that can be used instead of the traditionally-litigated divorce. There are a variety of possible benefits divorcing couples should consider when they evaluate if divorce mediation is the best option for them.

Saves money

The costs of divorce mediation can be approximately 10% of what it can cost to litigate a divorce.

Protects children

The divorce process can be harsh and litigating a divorce can lead to increased conflict. Reducing the amount of conflict can be beneficial for any children involved in the divorce.

Saves time

The average mediation timeline is 2 to 4 months, while a litigated divorce can take from 9 months to 2 years to resolve. Divorce mediation streamlines both the information gathering and decision-making processes which can be a time saver.

Minimizes stress

Divorce mediation will not necessarily take all of the stress out of the divorce process, and nothing can take all the stress of a divorce away, but divorce mediation can help to reduce it.

Greater control

The divorce mediation process puts a lot of the control over the outcome of the divorce settlement agreement in the hands of the divorcing spouses. It allows the divorcing couple to make many of the decisions about what is best for their family rather than the divorce court making those decisions. Couples are presented with parental, financial and legal options so they can make the decisions that are best for them.

Customizable solutions

Divorce mediation provides a more flexible approach to the couple’s divorce over what is sometimes a cookie cutter divorce litigation approach.

Retain privacy and confidentiality

While a litigated divorce creates a public record, a mediated divorce is confidential and retains the couple’s privacy.

Set the foundation for future interactions

Because divorce mediation focuses on mutually acceptable agreements and problem solving, it provides a foundation for divorcing couples to co-parent and resolve concerns as time goes on.

Preserve relationships

As much as possible, divorce mediation can help preserve mediation. The divorce process can be disruptive for families and the community around them. The divorce mediation process can help to minimize that and preserve relationships as much as possible.

Divorce mediation offers a number of different up sides that divorcing couples should consider when determining their divorce process. The potential benefits of divorce mediation are something they should be aware of as they enter their divorce.



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