Five financial tips for after your divorce

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Finalizing your divorce is a great opportunity to step into the next chapter of your life. With so many opportunities to start things anew, you want to be sure you are protecting your best interests along the way. Your finances are critical to adapting to your new lifestyle, and it is important to make some changes that can benefit your future. Here are five tips you can follow to benefit yourself during this new chapter in your life:

Review your budget

Your new lifestyle comes with a new budget. After child support, alimony, and new monthly expenses, you may not have the same surplus of income you had while married. Take a moment to review your new income and compare it to your expenses to ensure you are not over budget or make changes if you are.

Separate your finances

While it may seem beneficial to keep your ex-spouse on your credit card or another joint account, it can cause more problems than solutions. Set up your accounts to be in your name only so that you can be sure you are solely responsible for them.

Cut unnecessary spending

The first few months following a divorce can be financially delicate. To help ensure that you are financially stable, consider holding off on any unnecessary or major purchases until you are sure of your financial position.

Start an emergency fund

A new home after a divorce may come with unexpected expenses. By developing a savings account for emergency costs like sudden home repair, lost income, and other expenses, you can handle any challenges that may come your way.

Consult with a financial advisor

Everyone has a unique set of financial needs. To help make sure that you are meeting your unique needs, meet with an experienced financial advisor. They can help you develop retirement accounts, take proactive protective measures, and ensure you are acting in your best interest.

Take control of your finances

A divorce can change the way you live your life, and it is important to make sure you are changing your finances accordingly. Take a moment to ensure you are preparing for anything while protecting your best interests.



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