3 Tips for Child Custody Recommending Counseling Appointments

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1. Have a Plan: It is very important that you have an idea of the child sharing plan that you would like to propose as being in the best interests of your child. Oftentimes, expressing that you want “50/50” time with your child is inadequate and not advisable. Have a concrete and practical plan (including days, times, and location of custodial exchanges) to give your Child Custody Recommending Counselor something from which he/she can fashion a plan for you and the other parent.

2. Plan Ahead: If you have documents you would like to give to your Recommending Counselor that support your proposals for child sharing, most Recommending Counselors will not review those documents unless they are first provided to the other parent before your Recommending Counseling appointment. It is best practice to have someone who is not a party to your case and who is at least 18 old, mail or e-mail a copy of the documents you plan to present in Recommending Counseling to the other parent. Make sure that you have a copy of the e-mail and/or a Proof of Service by Mail so that the Recommending Counselor can be assured that the other parent has seen the documents in advance of the appointment.

3. Temper Your Emotions: It is important to keep a level head before, during, and after your Recommending Counseling appointment. It is a high stress situation to have to meet with the other parent and a stranger whose opinion carries great weight on the issues of custody and visitation of your child. It is most often the case that you and the other parent know exactly how to upset the other. Child Custody Recommending Counseling is not the place to have a “blow-up” with the other parent. It is often the case that the person who screams the loudest is heard the least. Treat this appointment like any professional meeting. Stay calm and keep your focus on the most important issue at hand, the best interests of your children.


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