Resolving Complex And High-Asset Divorces

If you and your spouse are getting divorced and you own a wide range of assets or highly valued property, it is important to hire an attorney with significant experience handling these types of complex divorce cases.

At Family Law Group, INC., we draw upon more than 35 years of combined experience representing clients in all types of divorces — from relatively straightforward matters involving limited property issues and no children to the most complex divorces involving children, business ownership, retirement accounts, investments, stocks and stock options, and various other assets and liabilities. We serve clients in Livermore, Walnut Creek and throughout the Bay Area.

Protecting Your Rights And Interests

Our attorneys and staff are dedicated to protecting our clients’ rights and interests throughout the divorce process in California. Some common issues that arise in complex, high-asset divorces include:

  • Business valuation, including self-employed businesses, partnerships and family businesses
  • Division of multiple properties
  • Division of stocks and stock options
  • Uncovering hidden assets
  • Underreporting income on tax filing
  • Separate property reimbursement claims

Working With Established Experts

We often work with forensic accountants, business valuation experts, tax professionals, child specialists and other experts, depending on each client’s specific needs. We will listen to your goals, collect all pertinent information and may turn to our network of trusted professionals to best represent you.

Our law firm has represented clients who work for themselves, as well as companies of all sizes in a variety of industries, including technology/web, medical practices, law practices, accounting firms, winery owners and ranch owners. Our experience in these areas can help you navigate the complexity of dividing these properties.

Let’s Talk About Your Situation

We welcome the opportunity to meet with you personally to discuss your situation and answer any questions you may have. To discuss a high-asset divorce, call our lawyers at or email us to schedule a consultation.