Jon Gosselin may sue ex for custody of children

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Couples getting divorced face many difficult decisions, especially if they have children. Child custody disputes can be complicated for many reasons, even after the divorce has been finalized. 

An example of how child custody disputes can continue long after the divorce can be seen in the well-known reality couple Jon and Kate Gosselin, stars of “Jon and Kate Plus Eight,” which is no longer on air. The couple’s decision to split up was a hot topic in the past. More recently, Kate’s parenting has come into question over reports of their children being afraid of her. 

These reports are hard to validate but it appears that Jon has taken them to heart. He reportedly told a news reporter that he is going to sue his ex for custody of their six younger children, who are currently living with their mother. 

Jon said that he wants to file an emergency petition for custody as soon as he has the funds to do so. He said he wants to file the petition because of how Kate treats their children, saying that the kids tell him that they would rather live with him. 

Emergency custody hearings and motions to change child custody orders can be a complex matter, especially when one parent is accusing the other parent of not being fit to care for the children anymore. 

Child custody cases like this can be difficult to prove, unless one parent has evidence that the other parent is unfit. Judges often consider several factors when hearing emergency custody or child custody modification cases. Other factors that may be considered is both parents’ income, living and work situation and their ability to care for the children. 

Modifying child custody orders can seem like a daunting task, but if you believe that your children are in danger or that you would be better suited to care for them you should consult a family law attorney to discuss your specific case and what options are available. 

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