California actor skips child support hearing

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Columbus Short is an actor who lives in California, known for his part in “Scandal”. The name of the TV show is fitting, as he has now been involved in a number of domestic incidents, including one dispute during which his estranged wife says that he told her he was going to kill her. They had been married for eight years in 2013, the year in which she decided that it was time to file for divorce.

Things did not get better for the two. Short was given a restraining order, which he reportedly broke half a dozen times. He was then told that he had to take all of his belongings out of the house that the two shared. In the wake of that order, he apparently broke into the home. He has now been told that he cannot go near his estranged wife until the end of next month.

A court case was held in Los Angeles recently to determine how much, if anything, the actor would need to pay in child support and spousal support. His wife showed up, but he did not. Neither did his legal team.

As a result, the judge simply ruled that he would need to give his wife $17,000 each month for her own support. On top of that, he would need to pay $4,542 each month for child support. To wrap the whole thing up, the judge also tacked his wife’s legal fees onto the judgement, saying that he needed to cover that cost.

It is crucial to take all court dates, including child support hearings, seriously. Not going to court will not help bring about a ruling in one’s favor.

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