Child custody complicated by international abductions

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If you share a child with your spouse and are currently contemplating divorce, you should know that Alameda County will generally require both parties to attend counseling services. These services are offered at no cost to either party and are designed to smooth out issues related to child custody and visitation rights.

As mentioned in a previous blog post on our website, some parents are unable to reach consensus through the Child Custody Recommending Counseling Services. In the most extreme examples of these disagreements one of the parents may choose to abduct the child and abscond with them internationally.

Fortunately, California is currently the only state in the union that systematically uses its public agencies to assist in international abduction cases covered under the Hague Convention. The Hague Convention is basically an agreement between the U.S. and foreign countries that says they will cooperate in investigating and enforcing violations of international child custody. Because California is a signatory to this agreement, if your child is abducted internationally your attorney will be assisted by state agencies in helping to get your child returned to you and legal custody restored.

Our law office would like you to know that we have 35 years of combined family law experience in providing legal advocacy for our clients. Although based in Livermore, California, we assist clients throughout the greater Bay Area in pursuing meaningful child custody and beneficial visitation rights. We look forward to meeting with you and bringing our negotiating and litigating skills to work securing you and your children’s futures.


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