Parents can choose whether to fight a child custody dispute

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In a previous article on our website, we discussed the importance of child custody and visitation rights during divorce proceedings. Arguably, issues involving children offer the most fertile ground for intense emotion-based decision-making.

What many parents fail to realize is their children are watching them throughout this process. Personal attacks against a spouse may adversely affect a child’s future relationship with that parent.

Some couples are attempting to avoid those problems altogether largely because of the tremendous financial and emotional toll exacted by contested divorces. A recent spate of amicable divorces have begun popping up in celebrity circles and even here in California. The process of ending a marriage in a hostile free environment has even taken on a name of its own. These so-called “conscious uncouplings” include spouses who wish to move on from their marriages but also realize the importance of having both parents actively involved in their children’s lives.

Of course, both of the examples provided above represent both extremes of a potential divorce in California. However, it is important to remember that certain legal obligations will remain regardless of whether you and your spouse choose to end your marriage in a contested battle or a friendly hug. There will still be assets and property to divide and child support issues to resolve before California courts will officially recognize your divorce.

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