Using your attorney to de-escalate your child custody dispute

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Divorce is often a source of deeply felt and emotionally charged disagreements. It’s natural for you to be anxious around your soon-to-be ex-spouse, particularly when important decisions need to be made regarding your children.

Frequent readers of our blog website may have previously read our post about refraining from getting into heated debates and playing the blame game with your child’s other parent. In that article, we mentioned the value of refocusing any rising debate onto just the issues related to furthering the best interests of your children. This can be especially important to remember when you and your spouse are meeting with your children’s doctors, school officials or day care providers.

Perhaps one of the best ways to do that is to include your attorney in mediations with your child’s other parent. Sometimes, simply having someone experienced in family law matters present during those meetings can de-escalate tensions and keep the conversations focused on achieving resolutions that may be beneficial to both parties. Having your attorney nearby may help you to keep a level head in an otherwise stressful situation.

Whether you decide to engage in mediation or not, your goal should always be to avoid confrontations. Resist the urge to do or say anything that may imperil your chances of child custody or visitation rights.

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