Will antidepressants cause you to lose a custody case?

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When going through a child custody case in California, the court will carefully examine both parents to see if their lifestyles, living situations, financial means and other factors can provide a safe and comfortable place for a child. As a result, some people think that revealing that they are on antidepressants will be looked at in a negative light, causing them to lose the case. Is this actually true?

According to some experts, not only is this untrue, but it can be completely the opposite. Showing that you are on the medication demonstrates that you are responsible and willing to do what it takes to maintain good health—something that the court will assume translates to how you care for your child.

Remember, the divorce process can cause people to suffer from depression, or it can make those who are already suffering feel even worse. Someone who ignores medications and tries to tough it out on his or her own is not necessarily demonstrating a healthy outlook. The judge may see this as irresponsible behavior.

On the flip side, going to the doctor, following his or her orders and using money to pay for the prescription all shows that you know what you should do and that you’re willing to sacrifice for it by spending your own money to improve your life. This bodes well for the future and shows the judge that you’re willing to deal with issues in the name of seeking the help you need, rather than ignoring things that should be addressed.

As the case progresses, be sure you know what legal steps you need to take along the way.

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