Divorce can happen in a deceptive marriage

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Divorce can happen for many reasons. Some couples just don’t get along. Some drift apart over time. Some see a divorce triggered by a key event, like infidelity or the development of an addiction.

What if you were tricked into getting married in the first place? A deceptive marriage could certainly lead to divorce.

This happened to one woman, who related her story when her husband was planning to leave her for his ex-girlfriend. The woman said that she’d actually worked hard to break the man and his girlfriend up in the first place, even though they were in love, so that she could marry the man.

According to the woman, she thought that love did not matter much in marriage. She looked at it as a way to have a good social status and solid financial standing. Essentially, the marriage made her life easier and gave her things she did not have on her own. In return, she was happy in the relationship.

Her husband, though, thought that people should marry for love, not because of money and social position. When he found out what she had done, he was outraged, and that led him to ask for a divorce.

This isn’t a common situation, but it does show how important it is for two people to really be on the same page regarding a marriage before they tie the knot. Communication is very important, as having two very different positions can ruin an otherwise successful relationship.

If you are going through a divorce for any reason, you need to know what legal steps to take in California.

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