Understanding the impact of your divorce on your children

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When you are preparing to divorce your spouse in California, one of your immediate concerns may be how this decision could impact your children and their subsequent ability to cope with a major change in the dynamic of their family. At Family Law Group, INC., we have been able to provide support and assistance to families as they navigate through a divorce. 

One of the most important things you would benefit from remembering is that your children will undoubtedly experience a range of emotions that may include anger, anxiety and depression. Helping them identify their emotions and cope with them in ways that are healthy and productive will require time, patience and a listening ear. According to the AAP News & Journals Gateway, nearly 1 million American children witness their parents get divorced each year. In fact, according to statistics, your divorce is one of over 800,000 annually in the United States. As such, your children are not alone and your undivided support and love are imperative to helping them recognize that just because you and their other parent are getting divorced, your love remains unchanged. 

Your children may benefit from the involvement of a therapist or other professional who can help them to sort through their emotions. A critical point that you will need to make to your children is that they are not the ones who are responsible for what has happened between you and your spouse. Whatever you do, provide reassurance and continue to love them even if there are periods of time where you are not around and they are spending time with their other parent. 

When you are equipped with ideas of how you can help minimize the impact of your divorce on your children’s well-being, you can be proactive in helping them work through this difficult time. For more information about supporting your children, visit our web page. 


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