Steps taken prior to divorce may make process easier

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Getting divorced in the Bay Area may be necessary if two spouses simply cannot reconcile their differences. Unfortunately, the divorce process is sometimes complicated and can quickly become overwhelming. Fortunately, certain tips might help individuals who are going through divorce to be as prepared as possible for the proceedings.

For example, it would behoove divorcing individuals to take a close look at their financial situations. California is one of nine states that follow community property principles. As a result, Californians who are getting divorced must divide their assets in an equal manner, or 50/50. This is somewhat different from what happens in most states — equitable distribution states, where assets are split in a manner that are considered fair, though not necessarily equal.

In addition, individuals who decide to get divorced may want to write down all matters that may spark disagreements with their future exes. Perhaps two divorcing spouses may not agree on where their children should live following the divorce, for instance. Furthermore, they may have different opinions about who should keep the house or the cars. The sooner a divorcing individual identifies these potentially contentious matters, the sooner he or she can prepare to negotiate them confidently.

If two individuals in the Bay Area end up resolving their divorce issues through negotiation, they can create a settlement that reflects both of their wishes. This tends to be a lot less stressful and costly than litigating everything. Of course, not all divorce issues can be resolved outside of court. In this situation, an attorney will be prepared to contest these issues with the chief goal of achieving a personally favorable outcome for the client.


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