What should you consider before sharing about your divorce?

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Whether it was you or your spouse who announced the decision to divorce, coping with the pending change will have its challenges. It can take time to process your feelings and consider your options for moving forward.

During other times of your life, you may have reached out in different ways as you decide how to navigate through various circumstances. You may reach out for one-on-one conversations with a friend or reach out to your groups on social media.

Navigating a divorce can be challenging territory; here’s what you should consider before opening up about your divorce.

Skip social media

Looking for support on social media can be complex and unpredictable. While you may get support from your friends, there may be people who do not fully understand your situation and can make you feel worse. Depending on how big your social circle is on social media, it can be impossible to set the record straight once a few people get the wrong impression.

Another reason to leave your divorce off social media is that you cannot control the information. Anyone who can see your post can screenshot and share the information with people you did not intend. In some cases, an ex can use information you post on social media against you as you try to settle your divorce.

Talk to people you trust

Conversations are an important part of how you will process going through a divorce. Reaching out to trusted friends and family will likely be essential for getting the emotional support you need.

While you should avoid making big announcements about your divorce (especially on social media), talking to close loved ones will help you cope with the change in your relationship. You may also want to reach out to a therapist to get more support as you process this chapter of your life.

Going through a divorce can be a complex process. You should talk to a skilled professional about how you can move forward.


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