Former Hinder singer files for divorce in California

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Austin Winkler, formerly the frontman and lead singer for a band called Hinder, has decided to file for divorce from his wife. The two had been together for around seven years, but he put in the divorce filing at the very end of December, right before the new year began.

Reports show that the filing was done at the Los Angeles Superior Court on Dec. 30.

One interesting thing is that the musician said that he and his wife did not have any community property that they would have to split up. Some speculation has revolved around a possible prenuptial agreement, which could already assign property to one party or the other, but Winkler did not say anything about that in the filing.

Additionally, it appears that the two have not been living together for some time, as Winkler said their separation started back in July of 2014. As such, though they’d technically been married from then until now, he said that neither one would need to claim spousal support.

Hinder did not break up when Winkler left in 2013, but continued playing and recording music. They even put out a statement that indicated they were on good terms with him. This came after they had put out the massive hits that thrust them into the national spotlight, though Winkler and his wife were married even before the band attained that level of fame.

It is worth noting that Winkler has spent time in rehab, trying to fight an addiction to drugs.

Anyone in California who is getting divorced needs to make sure they understand all of the laws and legal obligations, especially when using a prenup or dividing property.

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