When is it time for a custody modification?

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Going through a divorce can be tedious and overwhelming. Once the divorce decree is finalized, it may seem as though the terms of the settlement are set in stone. Yet, life changes occur and circumstances may come up that warrant a modification of the original settlement. Child custody is one of the changes that may be made to a divorce settlement. There are a myriad of factors that can change once a child custody order is put in place and these changes could make it difficult to adhere to the terms originally set in the settlement. 

Keep in mind that when the court makes changes to the child custody arrangement, the judge presiding over the case will do so keeping the best interests of the child in mind. What may have worked well when the settlement was created, may not work well anymore and a modification is in order. Some reasons to apply for custody modification include the following:

  • The child is placed in a dangerous situation involving domestic violence or abuse

  • Drug use by one of the parents

  • Either parent is incarcerated

  • A parent relocates or moves a significant distance from the other parent

  • Death of either parent

One parent may fail to communicate with the other parent or could fail to adhere to the visitation schedule. If a parent’s work schedule changes and they need additional help taking care of the child may constitute a modification as well. 

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