Parents dealing with child custody can make life easier for kids

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The divorce process can leave both parents and their children feeling lost from an emotional standpoint. Should they feel angry, disappointed, fearful or all of the above? Children might particularly be worried about how a child custody decision will affect them and their parents’ relationships with them going forward. Fortunately, a couple of tips may help parents to ease their children’s minds during a Bay Area divorce proceeding.

For starters, parents might want to schedule therapy sessions for their children during the divorce process. The reason for this is that opening up to a professional can help the children to express and process their emotions in a healthy way and in a safe environment. School counselors can also be helpful resources for children whose parents are going through divorce during the school year.

Parents may also want to reiterate to their children that they did not cause the parents’ divorce. This is important because many children of divorce erroneously believe that their actions ended up driving their parents apart. When children realize that they cannot control their parents’ relationship, they can avoid carrying around guilt, as well as avoid trying to bring their parents back together again.

Although getting a divorce in the Bay Area presents challenges for the entire family, an out-of-court settlement process versus divorce trial may make the experience easier for all. At the negotiation table, the parents can draft an agreement that spells out where the children will live and how they will handle visitation, for example. An attorney can help his or her client to pursue a fair child custody agreement with the other party while keeping the client’s best interests at the forefront.


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