How is child support enforced?

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Child support is important for the care and maintenance of the child it is supporting. As a result, the family law process provides resources to enforce child support orders and ensure the child receives the financial support they need.

There are several methods of enforcing child support orders. Parents who are required to pay child support and fail to pay child support may face wage garnishment; having their federal or state tax refunds intercepted; the denial of a passport; occupational, business or driver’s license suspension; and other penalties as well, including the possibility of jail time in some circumstances.

In addition to tools the family law system provides for child support enforcement to help parents seeking to receive child support, the family law process also provides resources to parents who are required to pay child support but are having a difficult time doing so. It may be possible for parents in these situations to seek a child support modification. In general, a child support modification may be made based on a significant change in circumstances for either the parents or the child.

For either parents receiving child support or parents paying child support, it is important to continue to abide by any existing child support order until any change has been made official by the family law court. It is essential that children receive the child support they need which is why it is valuable for parents to be familiar with the legal resources available help them navigate any child support challenges that may come up.



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