Parental substance abuse can negatively affect your child

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Children can be fragile and extraordinarily resilient at the same time. Despite their resiliency, though, most parents want to do everything they can to protect their children. This can cause heated disputes in the child custody context when each parent might think that the other parent is harmful to the child in some way. If you find yourself in these circumstances, then you need to carefully consider how to build a case that supports your position.

The effects of parental substance abuse

Drug use is still a major problem in our country. In the family law context, that fact can have major implications for children. In fact, exposure to parental substance abuse can have a tremendous impact on children. Here are just some of the bad outcomes that children can face when exposed to parental substance abuse:

  • Anxiety and depression
  • Increased risk of being abused or neglected
  • Stress related to taking on parental responsibilities
  • Aggressive behaviors
  • Poor school performance
  • Delayed social development
  • Stunted cognitive development
  • Increased risk of abusing substances in the future

These effects can run deep and be long-lasting, meaning that exposure to parental substance abuse can impact nearly every facet of your child’s life. If that frightens you in light of the behavior exhibited by your child’s other parent, then it might be time to think about how to present evidence of parental substance abuse to the court.

Proving your case

In order to successfully show that parental substance abuse has affected your child, you need evidence. This might come in the form of witness testimony, your own observations, and even documentation such as criminal records. Developing a comprehensive child custody case may not be as straightforward as it seems, though, which is why it’s imperative that you carefully consider whether legal assistance is in your and your child’s best interests.



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