The advantages of hiring a private judge for your divorce proceedings

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No matter the circumstances, divorce is always going to be full of unpleasant, stressful and contentious moments. However, if you have the means, there is an option that can make your divorce run much more smoothly and efficiently. While not for everyone, hiring a private judge to preside over your divorce proceedings comes with considerable benefits to both spouses.

What a private judge does

Just as it sounds, a private judge is a neutral arbiter that you can hire, who has the legal authority to issue binding judgments. Rather than scheduling hearings and appearing in public divorce court, you and your spouse can hire a judge to take care of your entire divorce from start to finish in a way that provides you much more control than you would have in public court.

The downside to hiring a private judge is the relatively hefty fees. In addition to paying your attorneys, your private judge will likely charge by the hour as well, adding a considerable cost to the overall price of your divorce. However, if cost is not an issue for you, there are many reasons why hiring a private judge can be the most advantageous option.

The advantages of using a private judge

First and foremost, the biggest advantage that a private judge can offer you is speed and efficiency. If you use the public court system, it could take several months before the court finalizes the process. With a private judge, you can schedule hearings around your availability, and you will have a much shorter turnaround time for processing documents.

A private judge can also be appealing if you are privacy-conscious. Rather than listing your assets and other sensitive matters in public records during public court proceedings, you can ensure that the whole process is handled discreetly and quietly.

When you are facing the prospect of an impending divorce, you have an overwhelming number of details to worry about – especially if your marital estate is complex and contains high assets. The individual attention of a private judge may be just what you need to get through your divorce as easily as possible.


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