Document Preparation For Uncontested Divorce

Family Law Group, INC., is a firm dedicated to the practice of family law. For parties who have agreed to all of the issues in their divorce and simply need help in navigating the complex divorce process in California, Family Law Group, INC., offers a document preparation service.

Utilizing our paralegal staff, our document preparation service provides clients with our experience in preparing and filing the various documents required by the courts to process your divorce*. This can include everything from filing of the initial documents through filing of your judgment, and all steps in between.

From petition, to disclosures to judgment, our document preparation service provides experienced paralegals with knowledge of the court systems in the various Bay Area counties. If you would like information on this service, please contact our Livermore or Walnut Creek office today to schedule a meeting with one of our paralegal staff: .

*Family Law Group, INC.’s document preparation service does not include any legal advice from a lawyer. Paralegals are prohibited by law from providing legal advice of any kind. Any meetings with any of our attorneys would require a separate meeting and agreement.