Pursuing Or Defending Against Restraining Orders

Protective orders, commonly called restraining orders, are implemented in situations involving allegations of physical violence. At Family Law Group, INC., we have extensive experience representing clients on all sides of these serious cases. If you have been served a protective order or you need help to pursue one, please contact our law firm for assistance. From offices in Livermore and Walnut Creek, we serve clients throughout the Bay Area.

We want to help you get through this troubling time in an efficient manner, shouldering as much as the stress and burden for you as possible.

A protective order forbids the alleged abuser from having contact with the family member or members who fear for their safety. Often, this requires the alleged offender to stay away from the family dwelling and prevents him or her from making any type of contact with a spouse or children.

When The Stakes Are High, Trust Our Experience

If you or your child has been a victim of domestic violence, we will aggressively work to protect your well-being. We will first help you obtain an emergency order to provide immediate protection and then guide you through the more in-depth process of obtaining a longer restraining order — usually for a period of several years.

If you have been falsely accused of domestic violence, we ensure that your rights are protected and explain the remedies available to you.

Domestic violence charges and restraining orders can significantly impact pending family law cases in California, especially those involving children. It is extremely important to hire a knowledgeable attorney in these high-stakes cases.

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