What Is Divorce Litigation?

Divorce litigation is a legal process in which spouses seeking divorce (and/or parents who disagree about custody, visitation and child support) choose their own individual attorneys to represent them in their proceedings. All communications, correspondence and exchange of information take place between the attorneys.

Litigation can involve discovery, an exchange of financial information and other mandatory disclosure requirements, interrogatories, request for production of documents, depositions, case management conferences, motions if applicable, pre-trial conferences and if necessary, trial.

What We Can Do For You

Our litigation department represents clients in all aspects of handling their case through the court system, including filing requests on behalf of our clients for a judge to determine, responding to and opposing requests by the other party, and attempting to negotiate settlement in an effort to reduce conflict and costs if possible.

Is Litigation Needed In Your Case?

Divorce litigation is necessary when parties cannot communicate or reach agreements between themselves. Litigation is also necessary when there seriously safety concerns for the parties or their children. Our attorneys are extremely familiar with courts in the surrounding counties and provide advice to our clients based on years of experience in the courtroom.

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